Thursday, March 26, 2009

NOKIA 6805 Review

So after years and years, I have finally decided to call it quits with my Motorola V3 RZR (remember those things?)
Out with the with the new......ummm....newer at least! Got an awesome deal at my local rogers store and picked myself up A Nokia 6085!

A little chunkier, but packed with a whole lot more features (camera, video, bluetooth, fm radio, music player) the Nokia 6085 is chock full of tools jam packed into a sweet package with a 1 gigabyte memory card from Rogers wireless, and headphones.....for a sweet $0 down (with a minimum 2 year contract). The keypad is very responsive, and the phone's digital display is clear and easy to read.

The lowdown

The 6085 keeps true to staple Nokia designs, offering compatibility, ease of use and all the basic bells and whistles to keep any cell phone user content. The slick blue-lit display makes it easy for users to view time and date even in the darkest conditions, but unfortunately lags at times. While the phone is closed, the user can toggle the voice recognition system which is absolutely useless and does not work at all whatsoever. Ignore this feature, for it is pointless and will only strain your vocal cords as you scream "HOME" only to get call failed for the millionth time.

Flipping the phone open brings us to the display screen, allowing the user to instantly transition between four options such as received or music player at the flip of a dime. This setup is fully customizable and the user can optimize their four options as they wish. Functionality is where the 6085 shines brightest, users will rarely experience any loading times (except when trying to access the internet, or connecting to the online music player database), calls are never dropped, reception is very clear, the speaker phone volume level is pitch-perfect, and the phone is about as durable as they come (trust me....I'd know). My major quirk is with the call waiting feature.

When speaking to somebody and having a second call waiting, the main screen display provides an "answer option". When I select it, instead of instantly connecting me to the incoming call, it does not do anything, but instead displays the two calls on the display screen. Thus it virtually puts me in limbo with both callers until I choose which call I would like to connect to. This option acts like a switchboard, and is a minor annoyance that most users will easily get used to.

What does this button do?

The Nokia 6085 has a crisp voice recording option that connects seamlessly to any usb port on a computer through the phone's usb connector cable, allowing users to upload their files daily. The radio feature requires an enhancement that does not come with the phone's starter package, which would have been a nice addition alongside the phone's speaker option. Aside from that the only other means of accessing the radio is through the phone's headphone attachment.

Play that funky music

My favourite part about this phone is the media player options. Although incomparable to the massive mega-pixelations of the Iphone or LG Dare, once you tinker around with the settings the phone can easily record over 10 minutes of solid footage, although playback lags a bit. Unfortunately, it lacks a light or flash of some sort so it doesn't do very well in non-illuminated areas, but nevertheless I've recorded countless videos at concerts and shows and the sound playback quality is still quite impressive. Also, with the Rogers deal you get the 1 gigabyte memory stick that allows users to upload their favourite tracks as ringtones, or to use this phone as a dual mp3 player.

Verdict?'s no Iphone, nor is it comparable to any of the next generation phones out their in terms of user-phone interaction, BUT, it is just as functional in every single way. Sure it doesn't act as a GPS, nor is it very good for internet use, but for the average cell phone user looking for a solid well priced buy, (free with a 2 year contract) how could you possibly go wrong? It also comes with a neat clip that you can attach when you're on the go, or use when you're hitting the gym. An awesome buy for any cell phone user.

Clarity: 8/10
Features: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Overall rating: 7.5/10